The 13 Memories Of Christmas


My Favorite Five-Year-Old Christmas Memory

The year before I had given my heart to Jesus at the age of four. Mom and I committed to make a Birthday cake for Him every year.  If you are familiar with the title cut of our Christmas CD, you will understand why it was so important that I give Him something for His Birthday.

This year was no different.  I knew that the most important gift during this season was Christ Himself, coming as our Savior.  After all, I was five now had been born again for a whole year and surely, I could stay even more focused.

I am now worth over $300.00

But the struggle was on.  I had fallen in love with “Baby Dear”.  She was the sweetest baby doll in the world!!!   I held her in the store.  She was so soft and life like.  That was ALL I wanted for Christmas.  The funny thing was… I really never played with dolls, but she was different.

Still trying to stay focused, I waited for Christmas morning.  It was finally here.  I eagerly opened all of my presents (loving every one of them) but no “Baby Dear”?

At our home at Christmas, all four of us always picked what we would call our “big present”.  We were pretty sure that we would get that one gift even if that is all we received and that was just fine with us. But, not this year.  I was heartbroken!  No “Baby Dear”.

I tried to hold it together but finally couldn’t hold back the tears.  Dad and mom attempted to console my little heart without letting on their big secret.

Every year we went to my Grandma’s for Christmas dinner and every year my Aunt Orma would buy us a gift.  My little head never even considered “Baby Dear” coming by way of Grandma’s house.  After all, Dad and mom ALWAYS got the “big present”.

Still feeling sad and guilty for feeling that way; remember I was supposed to stay focused, I opened my gift.  There she was, my “Baby Dear”.  Prettier that I had remembered.  I still remember thanking God for her.  He gave me my heart’s desire though I had to wait.

Isn’t it interesting that many times we need to wait upon God for our heart’s desires, and many times the answer comes in very unexpected ways.

Merry Christmas Everyone!!

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