This Week With Final Harvest

Everyone gets a vacation now and then and Final Harvest is on vacation this week! As we take advantage of our vacation and visit some friends and family, maybe take a trip or two and take a much needed rest, we want to take just a moment to tell you about a few things we have coming up!

First of all, we will be beginning our next tour right after Labor Day. This tour will take us out west and to a few places that we have never been! We are excited to be visiting new places and making new friends! Check out our concert schedule page for all of upcoming concerts that we have scheduled.

Also, we are so excited to be very close to putting the final touches on our very first DVD! It was filmed live at Coffield Unit in Tennessee Colony, TX and Scott Evans is working on the final edits of the video right now! Also, we are getting the items to our graphic designer to get the graphics done. Once we give the final okay on everything, it will go to the duplicator and we should have it available for sale in two or three months! We cannot wait to share it with you!

Rolo, of Rolo’s Revelations, also has two new CD’s in the works. “Let It Shine” is in final production and will feature Rolo’s last three radio programs. We are also working on putting together a CD of Rolo just singing! These should be available soon!!!!!

Finally, we are continuing to move forward, albeit slowly, on the two new projects for Final Harvest. We are planning a CD of some of the favorite songs from our concerts. That CD will be called “Let’s Have A Revival … The Old Fashioned Way.” We are also continuing forward on the CD featuring all original music written by Pamela Warren titled “While In His Presence.” If you look at our concert schedule you will see that we do not have a lot of time to get into the studio right now but we are still planning on these projects just as soon as we can get to them!

Thanks for following Final Harvest and remember to pray for Final Harvest! We need those prayers as we share the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ! We love you all and hope to see you somewhere down the road!

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