Updates From The Road

We have had some wonderful moments ministering in Utah… We met some women here that wanted to create a Bible study using the Word of God. Three weeks ago they started their first Bible study with 4 people… they now have 16. The Bible study was so encouraged that we came to confirm God’s Word and Good News “the message of Jesus Christ” to their hearts.   Unbeknownst to us, we were singing for the retired conductor of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir for 30 years who was encouraged and blessed by the program. A woman named Marilyn approached us after the concert because the Lord performed a miracle for her during our concert. She has a muscular condition that makes her unable to sing. When Pam Sandberg put the microphone in front of her to sing Amazing Grace… she was ABLE TO SING! It was a miracle! We also had the honor of meeting a beautiful, shy girl named Holly. She has down syndrome. When we were singing our last song, the joy of the Lord came upon her so much so that she couldn’t help but come up front with us and dance before the Lord! It was beautiful!

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