More Adventures From The Road

I have more testimonies!! This morning, we just “happened” to have a pastor friend of ours bring over their vehicle for us to borrow while we are in Phoenix … so today we loaded up our sound equipment inside and went to do a concert in Mesa. When we arrived, we soon realized that our bus would have NEVER fit in their parking lot or surrounding area. So praise the Lord we had the car!!! AND … when we set up our sound equipment for the concert today … the mixing board DIED!! COMPLETELY!!! We would have had to cancel if one of their workers wouldn’t have had a mixing board to hook up to our system. We got it working 1 minute before the concert was supposed to begin … And what a special time today!! Many laughs, tears and ministry that happened! PRAISE THE LORD!! And again I will say … THANK YOU TO ALL OF THE INTERCESSORS!!!!