Looking Back … Focusing Ahead

Happy New Year!

What an incredible year 2019 was!  We began the year at home in New York and ended in Florida!  Along the way we visited many churches, assisted living centers, memory care, senior communities, schools, homeless shelters, prisons and orphanages.  

We witnessed God do remarkable things, too many to list. We will share a couple of Highlights.  A lady in memory care accepted Christ as Pam gently shared the message of God’s grace and sacrifice.  It was amazing to see God open her heart and mind and bring clarity and understanding of the Good News of the Gospel.  She was concerned that she wouldn’t make it to heaven because of her lack of church attendance. Without prompting, with tears streaming down her face, she cried out to God to forgive her of her sins and knew that she was saved by grace and grace alone.  We witnessed two mute men sing entire verses of Amazing Grace as workers were overcome by emotion.  Both of these men hadn’t spoken in years and both carried on conversations after the concert.  Two ladies, one with Down Syndrome, both severely depressed for a very long time, were dancing by the last song. Another lady approached us after the concert and said that she hadn’t been able to sing in years because a disease had affected her vocal cords.  She proclaimed God’s healing power. She was once again able to sing.  Rolo got in on the action as we ministered to children that had found safety in an orphanage.  These children were taken out of their homes because of sexual, emotional abuse or just plain neglect.  At the end of the concert, after the children had opened their presents, Rolo came bursting through the double doors accompanied by his very own Rolo’s Revelations intro.  The children were so excited that they all ran over to him and petted, kissed and snuggled him.  Rolo normally shies away from that type of excitement, but this time was totally different. It was as though he knew exactly what they needed, and they sure got it. 

During our Christmas tour “A Christmas To Remember,” a sweet little girl had answered one of our questions correctly and received a cute little stuffed animal.  She was thrilled!!!  After the concert, she approached Pam and said that she would like to give her little bear to a child that doesn’t have much, as a gift from her.  So many highlights, too many to mention.

This past May, we were blessed to celebrate our 10th year anniversary and had a special dedication ceremony for our new (to us) RV; an Itasca Meridian 40L.  We enjoyed a special concert and service at our home church in Rochester, NY.  This new means of transportation was a huge blessing.  Our original RV quite literally fell apart and we were able to upgrade to a diesel-powered rig that should serve us well for many years.  As for our 10-year celebration, it was an amazing time, and we were honored to have many of our friends and family present, as well as all eight members of Final Harvest . 

Rolo is continuing to do his radio program (called Rolo’s Revelations on His Message His Call Radio) and we are only waiting on the graphics for his brand-new CD “Let It Shine”. Final Harvest also continues to work on many new projects.  Our very first DVD “Free Indeed” is in the final stages of production. “Let’s Have A Revival … The Old Fashioned Way” project will be recorded shortly, after we get home in late April of 2020.  We are still finalizing the song list for the CD, but it will include many of our most requested songs and listener favorites.  “While In His Presence” Is an all original all acoustic project. Pamela Warren will be telling the story behind each song, as well as Final Harvest singing. Just three voices and Taylor (Pam’s guitar). We are hoping to record this at Tre Corley’s studio, Oak Tree Productions.

The Final Harvest family grew a bit in 2019 as we added Ruth Anderson to our booking team.  Lacy Burdick, who also sings with the group, continues to head up the bookings for the churches and major events while Pam Sandberg, also one of the singers, books most of the managed care facilities. Pam and Lacy are now, at last, working full time for the ministry.  Pamela Warren continues to oversee the entire operation, as she is the founder and President of Final Harvest.  Pamela also continues to write songs and is still authoring her book, “God’s Last Call For His Final Harvest.”  She is also a vocalist and plays the guitar.  Marilyn Turpyn continues to run the sound for Final Harvest while Marianne Himmelsbach continues to handle many of our administrative and promotional tasks and manages our product table. Finally, Scott Evans manages our website and social media pages as well as doing some audio and video editing and producing for the ministry.  Final Harvest could not effectively minister as they do without the contributions of every one of these people.

Most of all, we thank each one of you who was a part of our ministry in 2019.  If you prayed for us this year, attended one or more of our concerts, purchased one or more of our projects, listened to us on the radio, supported us financially through an offering at a concert, a one-time donation or as a monthly supporter, you sowed a seed in our ministry and we thank you! 

We are thankful for what the past has taught us, and we enjoy reminiscing on the good times, but we are focused on the future and what God has in store for us as a ministry and as individuals.  We are certain that God has much work to be done in 2020 by all of us.  God is constant, and He is faithful.  We would love to have you join us on our journey in 2020. 


First and foremost, you can pray for our ministry.  All of us have needs, financial obligations and we have times of discouragement, heartache and trials. Gospel music ministries are no different!  Pray for us as we continue to proclaim God’s last call for His Final Harvest.  Pray for our safety as we travel.  Pray that we would complete our recorded projects.  Pray that we would be good stewards of our time and resources.  Pray that we would see, understand and be ready to take on new opportunities and challenges!  Pray that we would stay healthy.  Mostly, pray that we would always be willing and able to follow God’s direction for “Final Harvest”.

Second, you can help us by giving.  We run a conservative annual budget, but we are a full-time ministry.  As you might expect, traveling costs are high.  We also have repairs and maintenance to our transportation.  Plus, we have costs associated with recording, marketing, food, and much more. 

You can give a tax-deductible donation to our ministry in a few ways:

You can make a one-time donation or set up a monthly giving plan on our website at http://www.finalharvest.us/

You can also mail us a check made out to “Final Harvest” at:

Final Harvest, Inc.
16 Twin Oak Drive
Rochester, NY 14606

Thank you so much for your contributions to our ministry and please pray for us!

We love and appreciate each of you and hope to see you in 2020,

Final Harvest
Pamela, Pam, Lacy, Marilyn, Marianne, Ruth, Scott and The Rolo Man

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