Oak Orchard Assembly of God

“I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of LORD.” That verse, in Psalm 122:1, has come to mean a lot more to us these days! Like all of the other Gospel artists out there, we have had a multitude of cancellations and we have seen the opportunity to gather in the house of LORD be diminished severely.

However, today we were back into the house of LORD and that house was a tent! It was a HOT and HUMID day with a warm breeze blowing through the tent. It was kind of reminiscent of those old fashioned revival tents that we grew up with! That is one of the reasons we sang this great, old Hemphills song!

Revival! That is exactly what this old world needs right now! However, revival does not come from the church, true revival comes from God and God alone! We were on a roll with revival songs today and we love sharing “When Revival Comes To Town”

It was a great weekend all around. On Saturday evening we had the chance to meet and fellowship with a wonderful family group called The Johnson Family. It is always a fun time to visit with fellow artists and trade “road stories” and learn more about each other ministries. We also had our webmaster, Scott Evans, along with us this weekend and he took these videos and photos on his phone. He also was working on mastering our new project this weekend! More about that a little later this week! Perhaps the most inspiring part of the weekend was hearing the incredible testimony of a young lady who was healed from Stage Four Cancer. It was an amazing and inspiring testimony reminding us of the power and the goodness of God! What a great reminder that no matter what we are going though, God has it fully under control and it’s “Almost Morning”

A very special thank you to Pastor Dan Thurber and Oak Orchard Assembly of God for opening their church doors (or in this case, tent flaps) to Final Harvest this weekend! Indeed, it is great to be in the house of LORD and we are especially thankful these days for ALL of those opportunities! Thanks again to all who came out!

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