Heritage Series Volume One

We all make plans, don’t we? When you have a ministry you have to plan ahead but when something like the COVID 19 virus comes along, those plans will often go “up in smoke.” However, as Christians we always remember that God always has a plan, HIs plan is always perfect and He is never surprised!

When the pandemic hit we had several recording projects in the works. Naturally, because of canceled concerts, a decrease in income, social distancing and “stay-at-home orders”, we made the decision to put those projects on the back burner.

However, we are back and recording a brand new project! Southern Gospel Music has a rich history and we at Final Harvest would like to honor that heritage by recording some of those song with incredible messages that have been recorded by other artists. Some of these songs go back 50 plus years and others were recorded only a little over 10 years ago. We love each of these songs and love to sing them in concert. It is also our way of saying “thank you” to those artists who have paved the way for all of us who travel and sing. To that end, we have introduced The Heritage Collection and we have nearly completed Volume One which will be titled, “Let’s Have A Revival … The Old Fashioned Way.”

Songs on the project will be:
Let’s Have A Revival
The Old Fashioned Way
Sometimes It Takes A Mountain
I’m Gonna Make It
Stop Sill And Listen
Hold On Tight
When Revival Comes To Town
I Bowed On My Knees And Cried Holy
Heaven’s Jubilee
You’re My Glory

As many of you know, we have recorded all of our projects with John Centrone of Bethany Ridge Studios. Unfortunately, John relocated and is in the process of rebuilding his studio. We began the search to find someone who could help us record a couple of projects and we found that person right in our own backyard!

Scott Evans handles our radio promotion, manages our social media pages, handles most of our graphic design and manages our website. Now, he is helping us with our recording projects! We are using his recording equipment and his engineering skills to record this project and some of our future projects.

We have completed six of the ten songs for Volume One and are back in the studio recording this week! Heritage Collection Volume Two is already in the works and hopefully, as things begin to open again and our traveling schedule gets back on track, we will be announcing other recording projects in the not-to-distant future! Be on the lookout right here for more information on “Let’s Have A Revival … The Old Time Way” and release dates of this and future projects!

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