FREE INDEED — Live From Coffield Unit DVD Available On Website

We have been talking about it for 2 and a half years and we released it earlier this month at an event in Rochester, NY and now, FINALLY, it is available for purchase on our website. Of course, we are talking about our very first DVD that was recorded at the maximum security prison in Tennessee Colony, TX called Coffield Unit. The DVD runs about 90 minutes and includes 18 songs.

A lot of production time and prayer has gone into this project and we believe the finished product is a great evangelism tool. You can see the change that God can make throughout the DVD on the faces of the inmates. We would love for you to own your very own copy!

Of course, you can also purchase the DVD at one of our concerts but if you will not be seeing us for a little while or you just can’t wait, you can order it today on our website!

Click Here to order the DVD today!

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