Rockin’ Rolo’s Revelations Christmas Special

I jus’ knew that you couldn’t resist stopping by and checking out my Christmas CD. Aren’t I jus’ toooooooo cute?

I’m so excited about Christmas. I have special guests, Lily the Pit Bull, Rufus the Russel Terrier, Final Harvest, and my very own “Uncle Scotty” … presents, presents, presents! Oooooooooo!!!

I’ll be playing lots of Christmas music and my friends and I talk about lots of cool Christmas memories and everything we love about Christmas … presents, presents, presents! Oooooooooo!!!

I jus’ love presents, except… I got into a bit of trouble when I didn’t quite understand the real reason that we celebrate this “time of season” (that’s what I call it). Lacy (Doot) finds out that one of her recent favorite Christmas treats isn’t exactly what she thought is was. Uh oh… Lily and Rufus jus’ love to sing a very special song with me and I get to sing with Final Harvest! Lacy and I take the lead after I find out the real reason that Christmas is so important.

Get your hot chocolate, Christmas cookies, friends & family, and join my friends and me as I learn and reveal my revelation of Christmas.

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