Safe In A Hard Place Book

All of creation poses for a magnificent photo shoot, auditioning for the most fabulous shot of the day. It could be the wildest imagination of a child at play, a feathered friend or a cute and crazy creature of God’s creation. Sometimes, there’s just that thrilling moment when the least expected happens and the photographer is camera ready. Just like little Reddie here — he was one of those moments. It was a ‘first time out’ stroll through the big woods, when I spotted him, just as he spotted me. He scurried frantically in fear, around the base of the tree as he dodged the strange, silly lady with the big camera! To my complete despair, he disappeared into the huge tree trunk, and likely, never to be seen again! As I stood there lamenting my loss, a tiny head appeared, peering out inquisitively at me through a small knothole. He was safe now and I quickly caught what I thought was the most fun shot ever as I realized all was not lost after all.

It’s inherent in all living creatures to seek shelter from danger, and many times we want to run and hide from the failure, the loss, the real and perceived threats, the ridicule, and the hard knocks! However, as we stand lamenting our losses, God comes by and safely lifts us into safekeeping, hiding us in the safety of His wing, while He shows us that in His economy, all is not lost after all, because under His wing, lossing gain and pain is blessing!

Psalm 63
Kay Jantzi

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