What People Are Saying


“Very seldom does an artist come along in Gospel Music that is the perfect blend of talent, ministry and quality”.  Final Harvest is one of those artists.

Final Harvest has a great ability to harmonize and their three voices together create a blend that will please even the most discerning listener.  Their appeal spans all age groups and their music will be enjoyed by all who hear it.

Pam, Pam and Lacy are not only gifted singers but they are also anointed ministers of the Gospel of Christ.  They demonstrate a level of professionalism on stage that is on par with any Gospel Music artist, yet they also have a unique ability to touch each individual life for Christ with their friendly and outgoing personalities and, of course, the Gospel message.  They encourage their audiences with inspired songs as well as truly anointed testimonies of God’s mercy and grace.

I am honored to call the ladies of Final Harvest my friends and I am equally honored to recommend them to you for your concert or church event.  God has blessed these three ladies with a wonderful ministry and you will not be disappointed if you allow them to minister to your audience or congregation.”

Scott Evans
Southern Gospel Music Forum

I am writing this in regard to a wonderful group called Final Harvest that visited our community during the Christmas Holiday Season. We are a five-star senior assisted living and memory support community in Boynton Beach, FL. Holiday time can be very depressing to our residents as many have no family close by the celebrate the season with. Final Harvest arrived dressed in beautiful, bright red outfits. Their performace was outstanding. Their voices were those of angels and the message in all the songs they sang for the residents were filled with love, hope and compassion. I have never seen my residents so happy and having so much fun. Final Harvest not only performed a beautiful musical program but they brought a gift for every resident that attended. Words cannot express the joy they brought to the residents. I am hopeful that when they go on tour again, we will be lucky enough to have them return to the Club Assisted Facility. God bless them all for the dedication and love they share as they travel across the country in song.

Nancy Venezia
Leisure Service Director, The Club Assisted Living and Memory Support

The ladies were absolutely lovely and a TRUE BLESSING to us today with their gorgeous voices and amazing voices. They truly touched many hears today. We were honored to have them come sing for us especially on a Sunday. God is truly amazing how He opened up both our schedules for this to happen. Thank you for all that you also did to make this happen.

DonnaLee Deliman
Life Enrichment Coordinator, Grand Villa of Ormond Beach

I just wanted to say thank you for coming and ministering to us. I always feel so honored that ladies of such high quality would stop by and visit with us. You have such a beautiful voice and your music writing abilities blows me away. I assume you will be visiting over 270 churches during your tour. Of all of the tens of thousands of churches throughout this nation, you always make time for us in your tours. All I can say is:

I truly enjoyed today’s concert. The ladies were terrific! I especially appreciate their proclaiming Jesus as Lord.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if today’s pastors would do the same? In my 40 plus years of walking with the Lord, I have only heard one pastor proclaim Jesus! All of the rest are only concerned with tickling ears. I recently discovered a new deceptive practice in two of the churches that I attended. The pastor talks about making a commitment to Jesus and then asks everyone, that wants to accept Jesus as their savior, to raise their hand. Nothing follows! It is obvious that there is more to accepting Jesus as the Lord of their lives, than raising your hand. It is obvious that the pastor is only wanting those individuals to be a member of his church, not to be “born again” and be a follower of Jesus. “Born again” individuals make terrible church members. They see all of the false teachings and practices.

Thanks again for a great concert and witness!

Dwight Bennett

I am more then blown away at the great love, joy and hope in Ministry that you all share. I wish I could follow you everywhere! Your music and great harmonies don’t even begin to tell tour story. Your passion and love in our Saviour is the greatest light I have seen in a very long time. Myself and my residents could not have been more filled with LOVE and THE HOLY SPIRIT then when you were at Carefree. Two of my ladies put your picture up and continue to pray for you. Lila said she has not been so happy and filled since leaving her Ministry as a Pastor. God is GOOD. Thank you for sharing all of you with us! — feeling blessed.

Cissy Odonnall

The first time we heard Final Harvest was six years ago. I was moved by the Sweet Spirit and spoke with them after the concert to express my appreciation. Pam Warren spoke up immediately saying, “I know you! You were my fourth grade teacher!” Of course, my initial blessing was multiplied greatly to see how God had used one of my former students. Since that first concert, we have had the privilege of having this group of Godly women at Grace Covenant Church several times.  They bring the harmony of the Spirit as well as close vocal harmony mostly through a Southern Gospel style. You will hear fresh interpretations of rich songs which have stood the test of time and songs that Pam Warren has written under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Final Harvest draws you into worship of the Savior who will soon return for His bride. Their name proclaims this truth of God’s word to folks who are longing for His return.

We have eaten at Red Lobster a few times and had wonderful service from both Pam Sandberg and her daughter, Lucy Burdick who are popular employees. Their Christian testimonies shine through in their day to day employment!

Final Harvest Review by Linda Hamilton

I enjoy the privilege of recommending such a wonderful group of singers as Final Harvest. Their harmony and stage presence really came across as natural and sincere. The audience response proved that “Final Harvest” is well received in Gospel Music!   
Ivan Parker
Southern Gospel Artist

Final Harvest’s singing trio has had exceptional ministry in my life.  What powerful soul-stirring music they deliver every time I hear them.  I listen to the close harmony.  It washes over me, causing a little river of joy and blessing to flow through my inner being.  The “God selected” music is sung from their heart.  All this happens because prayer is at the core of Final Harvest’s ministry and Jesus is at the center of their lives.

Patricia J. Rowley

I suppose I should have come along here sooner, to let you know just how much I appreciate you and your music.

First of all your music is so inspiring.  It is the kind of stuff that can help you get through those really rough days (you’ve been there through some of mine recently, and I don’t know if I can tell you how much your music has helped).

I hope to be able to be here to watch all of your future albums come out, and watch your fan base grow. 

All in all, thank you for being so amazing 🙂 And here’s well wishes for everything you do in the future, because you deserve only the best.

Jo Jo