The Most Important Message of Christmas


This line is from the song “He Came” that Pamela Warren wrote and Final Harvest recorded on their latest CD.  The line of this song reminds us of the most important part of Christmas.  I remember a pastor once saying that too many people see Christmas as a baby in a manger when, in fact, we should be focusing on what that baby became, a Savior, crucified on a Cross for our sins.  The best news of all is that He rose again and claimed victory over sin and made a way for us to be saved.

We love to celebrate the Christmas Holiday.  We love the decorating, we love the snowball fights, we love the snow and the sleigh rides, we love to give and receive gifts, we love to visit with family and friends, we love to eat all of those special Christmas treats, however, none of those things would have any significance if not for the fact that Jesus Christ came to this earth!

Remember, as we celebrate this Christmas Season, that Jesus came to die for your sins and our sins.  The important thing this Christmas Season is to know that He came and to know for certain why He came and that you are saved and prepared for the day that He will come back and call us Home to Heaven for eternity with Him!

May God Bless You this Christmas Season!

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