The 13 Memories Of Christmas


One of my favorite Christmas memories was as a small child. We always lived far away from our family. I remember spending all of my holidays and summer trips traveling to Michigan.

This particular Christmas my family and all my cousins were staying overnight at my grandparents house. My Nanner made us all beds all over her bedroom floor.

I remember waking up and running downstairs and we could hardly see the floor. There were presents everywhere for everyone! I remember getting the Chutes and Ladders game I really wanted.

We spent the whole day eating all of my family’s famous recipes and playing non stop with my cousins and all of our new toys. I also remember the movie “Jesus” and “Jesus of Nazareth” being my favorite movies as a child. We always read the Christmas story, watched our movies, ate so much delicious food and just enjoyed being with each other.

Also, we would drive to the nursing home and visit my Grandma Great. We would always sing “When the Battles Over We Shall Wear A Crown”. She is now celebrating in Heaven.

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