Not only is Pastor Bill an incredible teacher, preacher and author… but he makes lifting those speakers look like a piece of 🎂 The Lord has connected us with incredible men and women of God in our journeys out west! Pastor Bill is truly preparing the bride of Christ in reaping His Final Harvest! It is always such an honor to come!! We are so thankful to the Lord for the time He provided yesterday in ministry and fellowship!

Today we got to sing at a Navajo orphanage for children that have been abused. I am not at liberty to post their pictures… but the NAOMI House is a oasis of safety, shelter and love for these beautiful children. It is an incredible ministry, not only for their physical and emotional needs, but also their spiritual needs. We were able to pray with them, love on them, sing with them… as well as bring lots of candy and gifts. It truly was a blessed day 💞 The first picture is Genevieve, one of the leaders at this Mission. The bottom picture is Pastor Phyllis Keams and a relative from the Pentecostal Church of God… Their church connected us with this Mission.

Holbrook is full of so many places and people we love to visit… One of them is the Bread of Life Mission!! Thanks to the donations from many different people, we were able to bless this mission with many many beautiful clothes! This mission is doing amazing things, providing food, shelter and the regular Bible study and Gospel of Jesus Christ! We were honored to be back!

One of the highlights for us, coming out west, is being back at the Native American Christian Academy! They are being taught the Word of God, and have incredible joy in the Lord! We met 3 boys that had just last week accepted Christ as their Savior! 🙌 The children love to receive gifts, candy and bookmarks… as well as the “salvation bracelets” to either keep as a reminder of what Christ did for them, or use as evangelism and give it to someone the Lord would lay on their hearts.