Pamela Warren wrote the title cut to our Christmas project titled “He Came.”  This is the last verse of the song and we love how it sums up the Christmas Holiday so well!  “He Came” to give His Life for us so that we may give our heart to Him!  You can listen to this song, as well as purchase the CD it is on, in our Music Store on our website.


Rolo has two CD’s available for purchase on our website!!!!  His first CD, Volume One (Love, Choy & Hope) has his first three radio programs all on one CD.  His second CD is his Christmas Special!  It is about 50 minutes long and includes some great music!  You can purchase either one of the CD’s here!


The serene view of the first snowfall of the year.  That magical feeling when you share a cup of hot chocolate with a close friend.  The festivities of putting those nostalgic Christmas Ornaments in the perfect place.  The wafting scent of Christmas Cookies flowing through the air.  The smile that comes on your face when you hear your favorite Christmas Song. The planning and anticipation of the annual Church Christmas Program.  The amazement you feel when you read the Christmas Story in the Bible.  The gratitude and sheer astonishment you feel when you reflect on and realize the true reason Jesus Christ came to this earth!  Memories … the Christmas Season is full of memories.  And we love to dwell on those good memories this time of the year.

Last year, the members of Final Harvest took over the blog and wrote about some of our favorite memories.  In the eleven days leading up to Christmas and on Christmas Day, each member of the Final Harvest team shared with our readers some of our favorite Christmas remembrances.  We called it “The 12 Memories Of Christmas” and it was a popular feature last year and this year, we will be doing it again!  Well, with a special twist!

Each member of the Final Harvest team will be sharing two of their favorite Christmas memories beginning on December 13th and continuing through Christmas Day. We will be sharing one memory a day with our readers here on the blog.  Authoring these memories will be the singers you see on stage; Pamela Warren, Pam Sandberg and Lacy Burdick as well as Marilyn Turpin who runs the sound at our concerts, Maryanne Himmelsbach, who is in charge of ministry outreach and manages and maintains our product tables and sales, Scott Evans, who designs our website, handles our social media accounts and is our liaison to radio and other media outlets and one entry from a very special guest author who we will tell you about later!

We invite you to join us on our blog beginning on December 13th for the new and improved, “The 13 Memories Of Christmas” as we reminisce and share some serious moments, some comical moments and some of our favorite Christmas Memories as we talk about some of those events that have made some of our previous Christmases, “A Christmas To Remember.”

Our Final Harvest Radio Christmas Program features Christmas Music from Final Harvest!  It is hosted by Scott Evans, of the Southern Gospel Music Forum Radio Program, and Pamela Warren, Pam Sandberg and Lacy Burdick are all on hand to add their thoughts to the program as well.  The program is airing regularly on His Message His Call Radio throughout the Christmas Season, however, you can also listen here on our website anytime on-demand!  Just follow this link and click on the audio player and enjoy! 


Most of you are probably aware that our latest project is our Christmas CD!  We would love for you to have our CD this Christmas Season and it can be ordered right here on our our website!  It has 13 songs that is a wide variety of music from traditional Christmas songs to some non-traditional songs that you can enjoy all year round!  Check it out and order your copy here!

Final Harvest’s “A Christmas To Remember” Tour is in full swing now and we would love for you to be a part of it!  We have had some great concerts so far and we are still singing in Michigan for the rest of this week.  Our tour will be heading into Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania and our home state of New York over the next few weeks and we invite you to check out our schedule page for additional details!  Once again, we invite you to join us for a wonderful time of celebration of the reason that Jesus Christ came to this earth!