Are you a program director for a Southern Gospel Music Radio Station? Are you a DJ? Do you own or operate an Internet Radio Station? Do you host or produce a Southern Gospel Music Radio Program? Do you have Final Harvest’s Music? We have released 5 songs to Southern Gospel Radio in the past and we have three recorded projects as well. If you would like to have our music for airplay, if you need radio liners from our group or if you would like to set up a radio interview with Final Harvest, contact Scott Evans at and he will be glad to assist you with your needs.

We debuted our second video from Coffield Unit, a maximum security prison, in Tennessee County, TX earlier today on Facebook. The song we chose for this week is a classic in Southern Gospel Music. It was written all the way back in 1939 and the song was originally recorded by the Speer Family! The song is “Heaven’s Jubilee” and we are only one of several hundred artists to sing this song over the past 80 years! Listen in as we … along with the men of Coffield Unit … celebrate that day that Jesus will return and call all of His Children Home! We will be releasing more videos from Coffield Unit in the coming weeks on Facebook, YouTube and, of course, right here on our blog.

Earlier today we premiered a video of “Hold On Tight” on Facebook. This video was recorded live at Coffield unit, a maximum security prison, in Tennessee County, TX. We were invited to present two concerts at this facility through Mike Barber Ministries! It was a tremendous couple of days for us and we are thrilled to be able to share some of those moments with you. There will be additional videos released over the next few weeks so stay tuned on Facebook, YouTube and, of course, our blog for more videos!