What a blessing to hear a Pastor preparing their flock for what is coming! Pastor Rodney gave 4 of many reasons why the early disciples were willing to lay down their lives and welcome persecution for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. During the concert, Pam added that God gives grace to sustain us through all persecution for the Gospel’s sake, even unto death. What a powerful way to kick off the 2nd service of the morning! Again the Lord was faithful to minister to His people, and we, as a group, were blessed by the teaching.

This was our first time at Westview Christian Church. A lady from their church saw that we were in the area by another church’s advertisement and decided to reach out. I love how God orchestrates His open doors! The congregation was so open, receptive and treated us as family. A number of the ladies expressed how God touched them deeply and were convicted as well as encouraged to go deeper in their walk with the Lord. We have been invited back for their revival as well as a “homecoming” event. Praising the Lord for His activity!! He’s been so faithful

We so enjoyed our time with the residents at Evergreen Manor! This was a place that Lacy’s Great Grandmother had lived, loved and prayed for these precious people here. Grandma Great has already gone to be with the Lord, but it was such a joy to return to one of her previous homes. The sweet people here were so responsive to the message of the gospel and the songs of joy, they were so eager to rebook as we will be back in September and October of this year. Tears of responsiveness to the love of God as well as dancing for joy in His presence and of course singing together about His Amazing Grace. Such a blessed time!

Today we went to Calhoun County Medical Care. The majority of the residents here already loved Jesus with all their heart and were such a blessing to watch as they responded to the ministry of the Lord! They were crying, dancing, laughing, shouting, raising hands and praising the Lord!! Haha! We had some church… This place is also where the Lord had called Lacy’s Great Grandmother home to heaven so there were many reasons to praise! Lacy’s Great Aunt Karen (Kakawawi) was able to come and even recognised one of the residents that had been a friend of Grandma’s years ago. It was a sweet reunion and wonderful time of presenting the Good News Gospel of Jesus Christ!


And we’re off… Final Harvest will be ministering Wednesday, July 12 at 6:30pm at Winding Creek Church Camp located at 6561 Lake Michigan Drive, Allendale, MI 49401. Also, since we love visiting and encouraging seniors, we will be sharing at a couple nursing homes… Evergreen Senior Care and Rehab July 13th at 3:00pm and Calhoun County Medical Care on July 14th at 10:30am. Saturday, July 15th, we’ll be ministering at Westview Christian Church at 7:00pm located at 2638 NW Washington School Rd., Campbellsburg, IN 47108. Sunday, July 16th, we’ll be at Mount Hebron Church of Christ located at 8802 Mt. Hebron Road, Scottsburg, IN 47170. We’d love to invite you to come and are excited to see how the Lord will minister to the needs of the people ❤️ He is so faithful!