It is time for our song of the week and we are featuring the only song we have recorded a cappella!  This beautiful hymn has such amazing imagery and paints a wonderful picture of just how enormous God’s Love is!  Frederick M. Lehman wrote the first two verses of the song, the chorus and the music.  The last verse was actually discovered  written on the walls of an insane asylum but the origin can actually be traced all the way back nearly 1,000 years ago to a Jewish poem titled Hadamut composed in 1096 by Rabbi Mayer in Worms, Germany.  The hymn is one of our favorites and we pray that you will celebrate The Love Of God with us!

The song of the week this week is a song made popular by the Booth brothers but we love to sing it too!  The song was written by Mosie Lister, one of the all-time great songwriters in Southern Gospel Music.  In 1952, Mosie wrote a song titled “I’m Feeling Fine” and that song has been recorded by just about everyone!!!  About 50 years later he decided to write “Still Feeling Fine” to let everyone know that he was still doing great!  Mosie died in 2015 but his music will be remembered forever!  We hope you enjoy our version of “Still Feeling Fine.”

Our song of the week this week is an amazing song of hope!  We all face uncertain times and moments in our life but when we enter the Presence of the Almighty God, we find peace as our troubles vanish away and our hope is restored!  Isn’t that a comforting thought in these days of distress with terrorist attacks, mass killings, political upheaval and world chaos?  No matter what you are facing today, it is small when compared to God!  Seek God out and find peace today “In The Presence Of Jehovah.”

This week’s song of the week is a great reminder that, as Children of God, we never need to fear anything about tomorrow.  God knows all about us from our very beginning to our final breath on this earth and He has planned our days perfectly.  Nothing surprises Him and nothing is too big for Him to handle!  Listen to this song as it reminds us to fear not tomorrow!  Why?  Because God is already there!

Max and David Sapp wrote a song in 1969 that would become a classic in Southern Gospel Music!  “There Is A River” is the name of that song and it is unlikely that they could have imagined how popular the song would become.  The original mainstream recording of the song came in 1972 by Jimmy Swaggart.  Since that time, artists such as Greater Vision, the Gaither Vocal Band, the Cathedral Quartet, the Heritage Singers and many others have recorded this song.  The popularity and the longevity of this song is because of the powerful message that “there is a river, that never shall run dry.” Final Harvest tackled this song on their “Never Alone” project and it quickly became one of the favorites amongst Final Harvest fans everywhere.  We trust that you will enjoy “There Is A River,” this week’s song of the week!

Hello Friends!

With our announcement yesterday of our 2017 A Christmas To Remember Tour, we thought it might be a good idea to share a song from our Christmas Project!  While our Christmas project has several traditional Christmas songs and seasonal favorites, we have also included songs that remind us of the truly amazing gift that was given when Jesus Christ came to this earth.  It matters not when He came but what matters is that He came to die on the cross and save each of us from our sin.  When you stop and really think about it, you too will be saying, “Isn’t It Amazing.”

We are beginning a brand new feature on our blog today called “Song of the Week”! Each week, from now until the end of the year, we will be featuring a song that was recorded by Final Harvest!  Today, we are featuring a song from our very first project, “Break My Heart In Pieces.”  This song, written by our very own Pamela Warren, is a reminder that when we allow God to break our heart into pieces and as we come to know His Suffering, His Blessings can then get in and drive the fears and hurts from our heart and replace them with God’s Love and Peace flowing through our regenerated heart. We hope you enjoy this song and new feature on our blog!