“My God Will Always Be Enough” by Final Harvest.  How many times do we as Christians look to places other than Christ to meet our needs?  We never need to do that.  People will disappoint.  Money will not fulfill.  Jobs and careers will not fill that void.  Possessions will fade.  But God will also be enough!  He loves us and He is all we need!  Listen to this beautiful song!

“Dry Bones” by Final Harvest.  Ezekiel in the Valley of Dry Bones is a well-known Bible Story found in Ezekiel 37:1-14.  Ezekiel watches as the Lord brings back to life a valley of dry, dead bones.  A miracle that only God could do!  Are you feeling dry and defeated in your life today? Do you feel like your life has been scattered around in a dry desert?  Perhaps you suffered an illness.  Maybe you lost your job and source of income.  Possibly you are suffering in or have suffered through a failed relationship.  Everything seems out of your control.  You know what?  The same God that breathed life into the dry bones in the desert that day can revitalize you, your situation and your life!  Just one breath from God and absolutely nothing in your life will ever be the same again!  Enjoy this great song of victory today!!!

Final Harvest singing “Sometimes It Takes A Mountain.”  In this life, God uses all circumstances to help us grow in our faith.  We can always trust God to keep us growing in our faith IF we will allow Him to use the circumstances that we face every day.  We love this song of encouragement and pray that it will encourage you as you face the mountains in your life!