HI Everybody,

We’ve seen some amazing sights of God’s handiwork on our tour.

However, even more amazing is what He has done in the hearts of the people to whom we have ministered. It’s very humbling to see how God uses hearts yielded to His calling and just reels in the fish as we throw out the Gospel line of salvation.


How do you describe encountering the presence of the Lord and watching lives being changed by His presence? We have been able to lead many in a prayer of salvation. Today there was a lady that said that she was in horrific pain when she arrived for the concert, and as soon as the the music began and the message of Jesus was proclaimed, the pain was gone! After the concert she pulled us over to exclaim that the Lord touched her and healed her!! We have been able to give bibles to a church that has not had a pastor for 2 years on account of not being able to financially support a pastor. They have an average of 12 inches of rain each year, and this year they have only had 2 inches. Bob and Judy Davis have had to sell their cows because the grass won’t grow to feed their livestock. For the past 3 nights, miraculously we have had some drizzling rain which is huge for them!! We’ve been able to pray with folks that have had requests and witnessed the Lord send encouragement as the tears fell down. We are still in Gallup… Pastor Scott Penrod stood up this past Sunday after the final song “I Bowed On My Knees and Cried Holy” and said “Revival Has Come”!!! The people here are under such hardship with the drought, we are watching them be encouraged and built up in faith and the love of Jesus Christ! Each time we have sung, there is no doubt that it has been a divine appointment.


2200 miles down… 360 miles left till we make our deadline in Bloomfield, New Mexico!! Pam Warren has demonstrated amazing stamina and glorious grace from the Lord to accomplish so much in 2 and a half days!! We spotted our first deadly creature on the trip… the notorious Black Widow spider. They love to make webs in the sewer lines. We finally got to take a full shower after 3 days… PTL!! We’re all in good spirits watching the landscape change drastically with buttes, mesas and hugs windmills. The “big sky” truly is BIG!!  Looking forward to everything the Lord wants to accomplish on this trip!!!

Today is day three of pushing forward.  We have been traveling 16-18 hours a day with the major burden for driving on Pam.  The concert in York was wonderful.  We met many fine people.  We had a wonderful lunch with Marilyn and Pam’s family.  A wonderful way to begin.

So we have traveled through PA, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois MO, Kansas, OOOOOklhoma (where the wind WAS sweeping down the plains) Texas and now we are entering New Mexico. Red soil, buttes and mesas and sky that stretches for miles.

Safe,We have stayed in Walmart parking lots and truck stops.  Yesterday the woman told me to “back up our rig” over there.

Welcome to the world of truckers!……. Nancy

We are in York, PA tonight and looking forward to ministering at Stillmeadow Church of the Nazarene tomorrow!

Our friend Scott Evans just posted an article on our upcoming tour on his website, the Southern Gospel Music Forum!  You can check it out here:


We are almost ready.  The RV is serviced and we have a new beautiful awning.  The trailer is polished and shiny.  The food is almost finished.  Now to load up clothes and food and supplies and dogs and and and…..

Tomorrow will be here in a flash and we are eager to be ‘ON THE ROAD AGAIN…… Nancy


S0 much to do, so little time.  We are almost on the road and we must ready….food, clothing, maps, schedules and a time crunch.  We are able to do this only by the grace of God.  An adventure waiting to happen.  Stay tuned and soon you will hear about 5 women 4 dogs in a confined space serving our Lord.   “Hold on tight”….. Nancy