Window Rock, AZ

Yesterday we were at Gateway Community Church located in Window Rock, AZ, which is the Navajo capital. It was sweet of Kimberly, the Pastor’s wife, to take pictures throughout our visit. From the time we arrived until the “Harvest House” pulled out, we were blessed by their hospitality and concern. While we’ve been on the road for almost a month, we’ve experienced personal trials some of which we have discretely shared.  During this time, our Lord has been faithful to answer the prayers of all who are interceding. Though our hearts are set on ministering, the church blessed us with a time if prayer before we even started to sing. From celebrating birthdays, to the children watching for class participation by their parents during children’s time, to admonishment to remain strong through prayer and Bible study to bring in the final harvest, the Lord’s presence was evident. Pastor Lance gave us all an opportunity for salvation and a closer walk with Christ. Then it was time for Birthday cake and playing with kitties… Off to Sun City,

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