It is always a blessing to minister at a church we’ve not been to… Amarillo Seventh Day Adventist Church was no exception! We met their Pastor, Bill Kasper, last summer at a Cowboy Revival in Gallup, NM. We had the opportunity to attend their Sabbath worship and sit under like minded preaching. Sabbath School was all about what true unity is in the body of Christ, and their worship service was about missing out on the Promised Land because of murmuring and complaining. Our Promised Land is the peace and abundance that we find, through Christ, as we pursue our call without murmuring and complaining. As Joshua and Caleb did, we must go up against the giants in our lives, without fear, and defeat them through the power of the Cross. If we fail to do this, we will not miss heaven’s gates, but we certainly will fail to receive a full eternal reward… (How did we do Bill? That was the condensed version… lol) 🙂 Looking forward to our penciled in concert for December in Albuquerque

The Lord’s timing is perfect! 3 years ago, Nancy and Pam felt impressed, which later turned into a burden to organize a Western Tour. This church was the first stop that received a promotional packet, but after a series of events, God’s timing for our visit wasn’t until now. They had been 3 years without a Pastor. It was truly a day of rejoicing as we were reunited with the church and they were celebrating their first year anniversary for their newly installed Pastor. It was so evident to us that Pastor Kaul Corley and his flock were knit by God! During this tour, Final Harvest has had the opportunity to fellowship with like minded men and women of God. God has used this to confirm and strengthen our message. Through this boldness, Pamela Warren  commanded the attention of the adults and children alike. Before persecution, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego made their decision to serve God and not man while they were still in Jerusalem. All were exhorted to make their decision NOW to serve Christ without compromise. The fire of persecution is knocking at our door for all who hold Christ to be The Savior. Christ will be with us in the fire that we will be thrown into if this decision is made. If the decision is not made now, before persecution, you will compromise, still end up in the fire and be destroyed without Christ. Make your decision now, whom you will serve. God is not angry with you. It is an impossible for Him to be angry as He looks through the blood of His Son, Jesus Christ. By Grace you are saved, not by works. But the decision is yours. “Choose you this day whom ye will serve” Joshua 24:15. These are excerpts being written in Pamela Warren’s book “Proclaiming God’s Last Call for His Final Harvest”.


This is our 3rd time at Chino Valley United Methodist Church with Pastor Mike Keffer. It was wonderful to see so many new faces. Chuck and Korey, from Mt. View Church of God, and Sue, from Holbrook First Assembly of God, drove up to 3 hours to surprise and reunite with us before we head home to New York from being on this tour. With each concert, God has designed a specific message for the people. Chino Valley was no exception. The thrust here was to press the heart of God’s people past their fear of rejection and to set them on fire with God’s love and compassion for the lost that they are compelled to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ. After the concert, we were made aware that many embraced the call.

I cannot say enough about everything we experienced this weekend and all that God did!! Pastor Scott Thurber preached a powerful prophetic message Sunday night about how the church in America will not be exempt from persecutions when we stand uncompromised… But as we stand on God’s Holy Word, Jesus will meet us in the fire…

What a blessing being with our dear brothers and sisters at North Valley Assembly of God on Valentines Day!! North Valley Assembly of God is truly heeding God’s last call for His Final Harvest. We were once again met with great anticipation of all that God would do in both services… We were not disappointed!

We had a great time yesterday having dinner with Pastor Keams and his wife. We were so thrilled to hear of God’s presence moving through the church during the worship service. Burdens were lifted and hearts recommitted. Truly a blessed evening!


Nothing like going to church and getting your purse stolen!!! Today Final Harvest did a “Worship Workshop” with 5 churches in Holbrook, AZ. Half way through the seminar at lunch, mom went back into the sanctuary to get her purse and it was gone! Thankfully, just minutes before, Pam had taken the RV keys out of mom’s purse or else we could have risked the possibility of our RV being stolen… Although mom’s phone, credit cards, cash, prescription sunglasses and identity were still in the purse! While we were looking everywhere Pastor Jeff Johnson encouraged us to call the cops. We did notice a elderly Navajo man with a black backpack just hanging out outside the church next to our RV. Since the church feeds the less fortunate I guess it wasn’t out of the ordinary to see someone lingering outside the church… but it was a little suspicious. Bobby suggested we stop our workshop and ask the Lord to help and be loosed in this situation… The cops came back in like 30 minutes or so, holding mom’s purse!!! They had retrieved it from the Navajo man’s duffel bag! He was in handcuffs in the back of the police car. The first thing they had mom do is check to make sure everything was still in her purse, which PRAISE the LORD, it was!! Then they proceeded to ask up to 3 times if mom would press charges. Mom really felt in her spirit, and Pam confirmed it, that the Lord wanted us to show mercy. She gave him a bible and salvation bracelet to put in his backpack (in place of her purse) and was able to talk to the man. She told him that it was wrong to steal, but that she was going to extend mercy because that is what Jesus has done for her! She told him how much Jesus loves him and told him to read his new Bible and she’d be praying for him too! What a day!!!

Yesterday we were at Gateway Community Church located in Window Rock, AZ, which is the Navajo capital. It was sweet of Kimberly, the Pastor’s wife, to take pictures throughout our visit. From the time we arrived until the “Harvest House” pulled out, we were blessed by their hospitality and concern. While we’ve been on the road for almost a month, we’ve experienced personal trials some of which we have discretely shared.  During this time, our Lord has been faithful to answer the prayers of all who are interceding. Though our hearts are set on ministering, the church blessed us with a time if prayer before we even started to sing. From celebrating birthdays, to the children watching for class participation by their parents during children’s time, to admonishment to remain strong through prayer and Bible study to bring in the final harvest, the Lord’s presence was evident. Pastor Lance gave us all an opportunity for salvation and a closer walk with Christ. Then it was time for Birthday cake and playing with kitties… Off to Sun City,