“A Christmas To Remember” At The Holbrook Mission

There was at least one new name written down in Glory last night! Praise the Lord!! We asked who didn’t have a Bible because we have a bunch that were donated by Pastor Jim and Jeannine Cavalieri. We were able to give away 16 gift wrapped Bibles to these sweet people at the Holbrook Mission. The woman that submitted her life to Christ was one that received a Bible. There was a part of the concert that she opened her new Bible and the Lord immediately started talking to her about something so specific, she raised her hand and asked to share the scripture with all of us. A gentleman approached us at the end that shared that his father, grandfather and uncle were all Pentecostal preachers. He was the oldest of 8 and didn’t want to live for God then. He said, this is why he has experienced this lifestyle, but now he has given his life to following God. He said he doesn’t cry, but tears wouldn’t stop as we sang for them. The Lord was ministering! There are more stories I could share but just wanted to share a couple, all to say that the Lord did a huge work last night. The people were so blessed to receive blankets, Bibles, a handmade pillowcase, hand cross-stitched ornaments, candy, Beanie Babies and yo-yo’s. We even had one the the homeless want to give us an offering… Reminded me of the widow’s mite in scripture that pleased the Lord more than any of the others because she gave all she had. We had a beautiful cake and flowers presented as well. We got to pray with a lady for healing and hear so many testimonies of God’s grace! It was such a wonderful night in the Lord!!!

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