The concert that we ended with was really where it all began. Two members of Final Harvest, driving across the country, feeling a burden for the West, prayerfully stopping at churches, asking God to open the doors in accordance to His will. A year after knocking, the doors did open here with full assurance that God had orchestrated this connection. This church has a bus ministry that really brings the children in! When Pam Sandberg called the children up, more than half of the congregation came forward! This was an incredible opportunity to minister the message behind the title cut of our new Christmas project “He Came”. In short, it doesn’t matter when He came, what matters is that He did. We give Him our heart; He seals us through His blood to spend eternity with Him. There is no greater gift we can give Him this Christmas. We enjoyed a spread of delicious food and fellowship after the concert

This was the last full day of our tour. 17 concerts in 19 days is enough to wear anyone out, were it not for God’s strength and the hospitality from the leadership of the churches. Though we gave out many gifts on the tour, occasionally God hand picked someone with a special need. Pam (the one with the short hair… haha) repeatedly encouraged the people to know that God has them on His heart.

This church is where it all began for us ministering out West. Such a joy to reconnect with everyone and share the Christmas message “He Came”. Pam ended up sharing some points spoken of in her book “Proclaiming God’s Last Call for His Final Harvest” and about making room in our daily lives for Jesus Christ. The Lord visited us with His presence in such a way that many came forward for healing and prayer. It really was a blessed evening in the Lord!

One of our favorite stops is Bonney Family home in Gallup, NM. This is the place that has received salvation by so many as well as deliverance. Today there were more people that responded to receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior! While we were celebrating Christ’s birth down here, they were having a party in heaven over those who received Christ! The residents loved their stockings which were full of candy, handmade pillowcases and specialty dyed socks. Gift wrapped Bibles were given to the residents that did not own one. Rolo even made an appearance in his Santa suit. It was a blessed day!

This was our last full day in Phoenix. We were blessed beyond measure to spend it with our friends from Mount Phoenix Nursing Home and the Thurber’s from North Valley Assembly of God. One of the recipients of a gift was a 92 year old man that was preaching the gospel from his wheelchair. The opportunity was given to receive the free gift of salvation as well. It was a blessed day and looking forward to our next time out in March!

We will never forget the first time we came to North Valley Assembly of God! We had only just pulled up to the parking lot when a woman met us weeping and saying how much she was expecting God to work a miracle in her life that night. There is such an expectancy for the Lord at this church, and He so faithfully comes! Pastor Scott Thurber truly is a watchman, shepherd and uncompromising proclaimer of the full council and Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is always an honor to come and share in ministry here. The Lord so faithfully came and ministered the true meaning of Christmas… to receive the free gift of salvation, draw ever closer to Jesus Christ and not get too consumed or busy where opportunities are lost to share the Gospel. We had our giveaways and saw so many that we love… it was truly a blessed day! In the evening we were able to share at Mountain of Life Pentecostal Church. Precious people and we were rejoicing with them at all the provisions of God in their life. God is so good!