We are constantly amazed at the relevancy today of A. W. Tozer.  A. W. Tozer died in 1963 but his insights remain incredibly relevant to our lives today.  He could be controversial at times but, more often that not, he was right!

The quote above is a great reminder for those of us in any Christian Service.  It seems as if there is always something that we have to do or some place we have to be or a lesson we have to study for or prepare for or another program to produce or record for our ministry.  These are all good things but we often get so caught up in “our service” that we ignore the reason for the service!  What a great reminder that if we seek to WORSHIP God first, our work will become much more effective with much greater eternal results with our focus in the right place.  Spend time worshipping Jesus Christ each day and He will make your service more focused on Him and more effective for Him.  People’s eternity depends on it!

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