Change The World


This quote (and I unfortunately do not know who to credit it to) says so much in so few words.  What happens inside of the church building each Sunday will seldom change the world.  Each individual Christian is charged with telling others about the life-saving and life-changing message of Jesus Christ.

As Final Harvest, we love to go out and minister anywhere that the Lord opens the doors for us.  However, we realize that our ministry extends far beyond our concerts.  For each of us individually, it is in the people we deal with in business.  It is with the people we encounter in restaurants.  It is with our family and our friends.  It is with the stranger that we pass on the street. We strive to show Christ in all we do.

YOUR ministry is the same.  You may have a ministry within your church, you may teach a Sunday School Class, sing in a choir or on a worship team or serve in a leadership position within the church and ALL of those things are great!  BUT, your ministry also extends to your co-workers, your neighbors, your community, your family, those you do business with and those who you encounter, even for a moment, in everyday life.  You too should strive to show Christ in all you do.

Please allow us to encourage you today to share the LOVE of CHRIST at every opportunity, not only through the words you speak but also through the actions that you do.  Reflect HIM in all you do and allow CHRIST to shine through you today!

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