The 12 Memories of Christmas — Day #1


fh_lacyOne of my favorite Christmas memories was when my entire family came to New York to be with us for the holidays. Normally, we would make the trip to Michigan for each holiday and summer vacation so traveling was something I was very accustomed to.

In addition to recognizing and celebrating Christ’s birth, my favorite part about Christmas was being with my family. My cousins and I are all around the same age and we loved catching up, teasing each other, laughing, eating and watching Christmas movies. My grandparents got all of us some onesies and cozy flannel pajamas and we just piled in on the couch and took some pretty silly pictures. We all loved to give gifts to each other and receive gifts from each other.

I remember all of us barely fitting around the dining room table because we had so many family members present. I also remember eating one of my mom’s favorite recipes “Broccoli Casserole” and in the morning, Chrissy and I making omelets out of the leftovers. This Christmas was even more special because we had all of Pam Warren’s family present as well. There was somewhere between 20 and 30 people at our house for a sit down dinner and gift exchange afterwards.

We had cut down a Douglas Fir Christmas Tree that would go to the top of our 9 foot ceilings in our morning room where my family sat around and opened gifts. Then, the beautiful tree in our living room had Pam’s family celebrating and giving and receiving gifts. To add to the fun, we even had my Uncle Chuck’s dog visiting as well so we had three wiener dogs running around the house!!!

Without a doubt this was definitely my favorite Christmas!

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