The 12 Memories of Christmas — Day #5


fh_pamwMy Aunt Pat has always been in the forefront of my Christmas memories.  Occasionally we would have the extended family at her home for Christmas dinner and gift giving.

Her home was always decorated so pretty.  I fell in love with white lights and bows that twinkled on her tree, that was a miracle as I ONLY liked the big colored ones!!  Her cooking and baking skills were far above par and she was very quick witted.  You would not even know what hit you with some of her responses.  She always made Christmas special.

patsyBefore opening our gifts she would always have uncle Roy read the Christmas story. Aunt Pat’s love for our Lord was always so inspirational and shown brightly during this season.

On December 1st, my aunt made her long awaited journey and is shining even brighter as she stands face to face with our Lord reflecting His glory as NEVER before.

So many wonderful memories of Christmas, way too many to write. But, I will always remember this Christmas when God gave Aunt Pat the desire of her heart, seeing her Jesus.


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