The 12 Memories of Christmas — Day #8


fh_lacyOne of my favorite Christmas memories was a Christmas that was quite unique!  One year that mom and I could not make the trip to Michigan for the holidays, nor could my family come to us. It was right before one of our Western tours with Final Harvest where we would be gone for two and a half months.

Mom and I were purposing in our hearts to be grateful for what we did have, which was the joy of having each other. But when we were praying about it, we had a fun thought … we decided that we would ask around at each of the restaurants that we were employed at to see if anyone would be alone on Christmas day, and invite them over for Christmas dinner. We ended up going from two around the table, to nine around the table!! We had a delicious spread, lots of laughs and Christmas carols around the piano in the living room.

My heart was full! It was a wonderful Christmas!

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