God’s Mercy

1 timorthy 1-1516

Written by: Scott Evans

Paul is writing this letter to Timothy and is quick to remind us of his past calling himself the “Chief of sinners.”  You may remember that Paul persecuted Christians and did so with great enthusiasm!  However, Paul is also quick to claim God’s mercy.  Paul’s conversion shows unquestionably that God is a merciful God, His grace can reach anyone and only God can transform a heart.

Have you ever felt like the “Chief of sinners”? I find it interesting that Paul does not say he was the chief of sinners but that he is the chief of sinners.  I have, at times in my life, felt like the chief of sinners.  I have done numerous things in life that I wish I could forget about.  However, like Paul, I too have received mercy, grace and forgiveness from a loving, compassionate God and I continue to receive it every single day.

Jesus saves sinners and I, as a sinner, am very glad He does!  As Charles Stanley puts it; “The apostle received God’s complete forgiveness — and so can you.”  Jesus Christ is in the business of changing hearts but it is a work in progress.  I have never been able to figure out why Christians hesitate to talk about or admit to sinning.  No one on this earth is perfect.  We all sin and need Christ’s forgiveness on a regular basis.  I am for certain not what I should be but, Praise God, I’m not what I was!

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  1. Scott, this letter is so true, God loves us so much that he gave his son Jesus Christ to save sinners just like us , so awesome.


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