The 13 Memories Of Christmas


Me When I Got My Mommie For Christmas


Aunt Cinty Couldn’t Resist My Cuteness So She bought me as a Christmas Present for my new Mommie

I was born September 23, 2014. I was only 2 pounds of absolute adorableness. The day after Thanksgiving my Aunt Cinty and Cousin Even went to the pet store to get some pet rats. Yick!!! They saw me, and those rats never had a chance. I had just gotten to the store that day. I had to say bye bye to my birth mommie and go on a long drive. I was so sleepy, after all, I was just a baby. I was really scared too.

This Is Evan The First to Fall in Love with Me

Then, Evan saw me, picked me up and held me for a long time. Aunt Cinty did so too. They wanted to take me home but that store put a huge price on my head. They had to leave me there. They couldn’t have doggies where they lived. Aunt Cinty told me later that both her and Evan couldn’t get me out of their minds, I was just so small and sweet and lonely. Aunt Cinty even cried. Well, Aunt Cinty said “Evan, do you think that we should go back and buy the puppy for Pam?” Evan got sooooo excited and said of course.

I Got a Kitty for Christmas, Milo Man
This Is my Uncle Scotty. I fell asleep on his foot and leg when I was just a baby.

They picked me up and snuggled me tight, I thought that I was in heaven. I got to a big red brick house and went upstairs and there she was, the mommie of my dreams!!!! She cried really hard and got me all wet. Then I found out her other little puppy had gone sleepy time forever just a month earlier and she missed him so much. I met my new brothers Weenie, Jersey, and Tomo. I met two sisters too. Maggie and Bubbles. This was the BEST Christmas that I could have ever had, I will never forget it!! I got my Mommie for Christmas.

“Final Harvest”
We Travel All Over the U.S. and Make People Happy. That’s My other Mommie and My Squaw Girl. I just Love Them, I Do!!!




I Got My Gwammie Too
I Just Love Her






This Is What I Do Now
I Have Very Own Radio Program
This Is Me Now I Hope That Everyone Has a Very Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year!!!

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