The 13 Memories Of Christmas


Pam and I were in the market to buy a new car. We decided to buy a Chrysler Sebring. We found the perfect car.

After our lunch shift at Red Lobster, we made the purchase. Lacy and Brandon had no idea. By the time we had closed the deal, it was late. We call the kids and said, “Get out of bed, bundle up with hats, mittens, scarves and blankets. We are on our way home. Watch for us.” They were all excited. This wasn’t the first time we got the kids up to do something crazy on a school night.

We pulled up in a candy apple red convertible with the top down. The snow was falling. Big fat flakes. Lacy and Brandon couldn’t get in the backseat quick enough. We drove all over Rochester. When we stopped at red lights, people were cheering us on and giving us thumbs up. They thought it was great!

It’s amazing how a car ride in the snow made such wonderful memories. Memories that will last a life time.

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