The 13 Memories Of Christmas


Final Harvest is truly a family. We love spending time together anytime. Christmas is always fun. We usually share a dinner together, open presents, and watch Christmas movies until wee hours in the morning. Last year was no exception.

Pam, Lacy and I LOVE snow! We always have. However, there is one “harvester” in particular who hates snow. You got it, Mr. Scott!

After watching all the movies we could on Hallmark, we decided to bundle up and take a walk. The snow was coming down in buckets. That is when we like to go outside the best. But, not Scott…O no! We had to bribe him with hot chocolate and Christmas cookies before we could get him out the door.

So, we put on layers of warm clothing, and ventured out into the winter wonderland. Rolo also came along. He loves to play in the snow.  Walking down the middle of the street at 2am with hot cocoa in our hands, we just enjoyed  the beauty of the moment. It doesn’t take a lot to make us smile. Just spending time making memories with each other is enough for us.