Pastor Don and Suzanne Tjiema, not only are wonderful friends and sincere ministers of the gospel… but Pastor is an amazing cook! We lovingly call him “enchilada man” because he always makes us his specialty, chicken enchilada casserole with homemade salsa. We have so many dear friends here, it was a wonderful fellowship with each other and the Lord!

Last night we were at First Southern Baptist Church in Holbrook, AZ. We were first greeted by Scarlet, the new senior pastor’s doberman, showing her teeth, which we later realized it was her smiling, desiring to give kisses. It is always a joy to see Eric Luhmann who is always so gracious to help us with our sound equipment. Last night he blessed our ministry with 400 copies of the gospel of John to distribute as needed. We had a wonderful time last night honoring Who this season is really about. These pictures are the precious people who received gifts. They were so blessed by them. Their new pastor was sharing with us how the Lord is building up their church and Daisy, their secretary, met us with praise reports on the faithfulness of the Lord in answered prayer. The Lord is so good!

There was at least one new name written down in Glory last night! Praise the Lord!! We asked who didn’t have a Bible because we have a bunch that were donated by Pastor Jim and Jeannine Cavalieri. We were able to give away 16 gift wrapped Bibles to these sweet people at the Holbrook Mission. The woman that submitted her life to Christ was one that received a Bible. There was a part of the concert that she opened her new Bible and the Lord immediately started talking to her about something so specific, she raised her hand and asked to share the scripture with all of us. A gentleman approached us at the end that shared that his father, grandfather and uncle were all Pentecostal preachers. He was the oldest of 8 and didn’t want to live for God then. He said, this is why he has experienced this lifestyle, but now he has given his life to following God. He said he doesn’t cry, but tears wouldn’t stop as we sang for them. The Lord was ministering! There are more stories I could share but just wanted to share a couple, all to say that the Lord did a huge work last night. The people were so blessed to receive blankets, Bibles, a handmade pillowcase, hand cross-stitched ornaments, candy, Beanie Babies and yo-yo’s. We even had one the the homeless want to give us an offering… Reminded me of the widow’s mite in scripture that pleased the Lord more than any of the others because she gave all she had. We had a beautiful cake and flowers presented as well. We got to pray with a lady for healing and hear so many testimonies of God’s grace! It was such a wonderful night in the Lord!!!

There are hardly enough words to describe what took place last night! The Lord gave Pam the desire of her heart as we were able to come back out West for a Christmas tour with gifts for everyone… These are the children at the Native American Christian School. Their eyes got so big when they came in for chapel and saw gifts everywhere! We always do some form of interactive, fun song. The children and staff really got into the 12 Days of Christmas! They loved the candy, as the video shows… The children and staff were blessed beyond comprehension when we started handing out the Christmas Shoe Boxes!! It truly was a night we will always remember as we were able to share the Good News, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, remember and honor Who this season is really about, as well as bless those who may have never had a Christmas present. The love of Jesus Christ was so present and tangible, it truly was a “Christmas to Remember”!

Santa’s Sleigh is emptying out… Pam is pulling in the reigns! So excited for tonight as we will be giving away the shoebox gifts and soccer balls donated by Bruce and Lucinda Anderson at Alpha and Omega Christian Bookstore, countless toys such as Beanie Babies and yo-yo’s from Karen Grosteffon and beautiful handmade pillowcases for the children by Carol Krenzer McCulloch and all gift wrapped by Marianne Himmelsbach. Cannot wait to see the faces of these children and workers at the Native American Christian Academy here in Sun Valley, AZ!


Great news! WARM 101.3 is premiering a new Christmas song, sung by Final Harvest, written by Kirk Talley, called “Fruitcake”. It will be playing this Saturday, December 10th between 8am and 10am on the cartoon hour with Gary The Happy Pirate. Your feedback would be appreciated!!
Please call after you hear the song on Saturday at 585-399-5700. Also call Pat Monday, between noon and one during the WARM 101.3’s “Lunch Time Request Cafe” at 585-222-1013 or email him at
If your request is played on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday you’ll win a $25 Gift Card to City Grill and qualify for an overnight stay at the East Avenue Inn & Suites! We are excited for this opportunity and appreciate your help!


Two and a half years ago we met Pastor Bill Kasper in Gallup, NM at the Cowboy Revival. There was an instant connection as we share the same heart and mind in proclaiming God’s end time message. We were very warmly received by Pastor Bill, his family and the entire congregation. We were blessed to be able to attend the morning service and hear a beautiful selection from their Christmas cantata and hear Pastor Bill preach. This evening we enjoyed presenting our Christmas to Remember concert. Laughter and tears filled the sanctuary as we focused on the true meaning of Christmas “He Came”.

Today we were reunited with our dear friends at Holbrook First Assembly of God. We enjoyed a wonderful time celebrating the joys of the Christmas season, but ultimately remembering what all Jesus accomplished when He came. We were able to give away handmade quilts, cross stitch pictures, ornaments and yo-yo’s. When we were in Bloomfield, NM, we accidentally left a full tour’s supply of candy at the church. Well today, the Lord replenished our supply without the giver even knowing what a huge provision that really was! We also received beautiful hand painted pictures, homemade pumpkin bread and even some essential oils to help Pam. The Lord definitely visited us with His presence. It was truly a blessed day!

This is our 4th time singing in Santa Fe at Ponce De Leon Senior Living Center. It was nice to share the joy of the season with so many familiar faces. We had a drawing and were able to bless some of the residents with hand crocheted lap afghans. At the end of the concert, one of the residents approached us and said that she really enjoyed it and she knew Jesus did too. The message of His love and salvation was touching the people. What a blessed day!

Yesterday we had such a blessed evening sharing “A Christmas to Remember ” at Bloomfield United Methodist Church. It was wonderful to reconnect with our dear friends, hear about their different seasons they have been walking through in life and watch the Lord minister to their hearts. The last time we were there, Marilyn had been incredibly sick with doctors suspecting cancer. We were able to come back with Marilyn’s testimony of complete healing with no more shadowing or nodule in her lungs. The Lord is so faithful! He has not changed!!