I made a friend today, her name is Katelyn đź’ś It was so wonderful to see this little man leading in sincere worship! We had Bible study before regular service. We were taught in Navajo as well as English. Then our Navajo friends praised in their native tongue some of our favorite hymns while we attempted to follow. Pastor Pinzon attended the children’s teaching, along with his daughter. Kenneth did the children’s story time. He taught them how to give the stresses that sometimes come from making the right decisions to God. Final Harvest proclaimed their heart felt message in song which dove tailed with their guest speaker Melvin Chico. After the service they had a community dinner where they had all kinds of delicious Navajo food. This was our 3rd time being with these dear brothers and sisters and we hope to spend more time with them soon!

These are just a few of the sweet faces that we got to spend the day with here in Santa Fe. Today we were at Ponce De Leon and Pacifica encouraging the residents to press into God’s Word and to accept His free gift of salvation. We were able to bless many with new Bibles donated by Bruce Anderson and Lucinda Mellinger Anderson from Alpha and Omega Christian Bookstore. We all sang together “Amazing Grace” and “O How I Love Jesus”. It has been a good day!

For those of you praying, thank you for your prayers!!! Out west, in addition to the rain, they are getting snow which is increasing their water tables. The Lord is also providing shepherds for these churches that have gone without pastors for quite some time… And HE is visiting us with His presence! It is such a joy watching people respond to the Lord and meet with Him at the alter! To God be the glory!!!

Anybody who knows Final Harvest, most likely knows the story of what God did at Bonney Family Home. The Lord brought salvation and deliverance to these very special people the first time we did a concert here. The fruit has remained! When we walked in this time, Lorraine proclaimed that they are going to church every Sunday and Wednesday, being taught to read their Bibles, and are being BAPTIZED this Sunday!!!! The Lord is so faithful to keep His own!

Traveling to New Mexico and ministering at our favorite churches is always a blessing! Today we kicked off our western tour at Gallup First Baptist Church. This church is like family… O wait, they are!! We enjoy worshiping our Lord together and the hospitality we receive seems far greater than we deserve. What a blessing you all are to us. We look forward to seeing you all again very soon!!


Today we got to visit our dear friend, Troy Harp for lunch at a restaurant that was featured on the show “Diners, Drive-in and Dives” with Guy Fieri. Looking at the menu I noticed an item that I was not familiar with… I asked Troy and his reply was shocking to say the least!! I was completely NOT tempted to order this until Troy and the waitress insisted that we have a free tasting as it was one of their signature specialties in their area. So, reluctantly… “When in Rome”… right??? The menu called it “calf fries”… If needing further info, I would say to “Google it”… Surprisingly, it was delicious!! LOL!!!!


2nd night into the revival and Final Harvest dove tailed with special speaker  Pastor Jerry Keams on the message of repentance and obedience opening the heavens through prayer. A special thanks to our host church First Assembly of God in Holbrook, AZ Pastor Rodney and Diana Gish and sweet church family. We are looking forward to 2 more amazing nights as His Spirit draws us deeper.

And we’re off…set up @ 12, lunch at 1:30 with Pastor Abbott J. Jay McCollum, home for showers, rehearsal, and nails. Tomorrow, concerts at 8:15 and 11, then off to Holbrook AZ for a  6:00pm service kicking off a 4 night revival! Yippee!!!!! Here we go! Praise God!