The Final Christmas Concert!

The concert that we ended with was really where it all began. Two members of Final Harvest, driving across the country, feeling a burden for the West, prayerfully stopping at churches, asking God to open the doors in accordance to His will. A year after knocking, the doors did open here with full assurance that God had orchestrated this connection. This church has a bus ministry that really brings the children in! When Pam Sandberg called the children up, more than half of the congregation came forward! This was an incredible opportunity to minister the message behind the title cut of our new Christmas project “He Came”. In short, it doesn’t matter when He came, what matters is that He did. We give Him our heart; He seals us through His blood to spend eternity with Him. There is no greater gift we can give Him this Christmas. We enjoyed a spread of delicious food and fellowship after the concert