SG Music Forum Radio Program Christmas Special


Hello Friends!  The above graphics lists SOME of the times that the Southern Gospel Music Forum Radio Program Christmas Special will be available on some Internet Radio Stations.  If you listen to the program on a traditional radio station, check with the station for the air times.  All of the traditional stations that run our regular, weekly program will be airing the Christmas Special throughout the season so be sure to check with them about the air times.

Scott Evans is the host of this program and Final Harvest was the co-host for the entire three hours as we played a lot of great Christmas Music including some Final Harvest Christmas Music!  Be sure to tune in as we had a great time recording this program with Scott.

We will also post a direct link to WVSG Radio’s “On Demand” presentation of the Southern Gospel Music Forum Radio Program Christmas Special next week when it becomes available! 

We hope you enjoy the program and have a wonderful, God filled Christmas Season!


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