The 13 Memories Of Christmas


marianne2As a child, Christmas was always a special time.  I remember just before Christmas the nuns and teachers in our religion classes would hand out plastic nativity scenes to all of us.  What a special gift it was!

At home we never had a nativity scene, so this small token meant a lot to me.  When I was working, I wanted our family to have a nice nativity scene.  I went to Sibley’s and got a nice stable with golden figurines.  I wanted to surprise my parents, so just before we left for Midnight Mass I set up the nativity scene under our tree so it would be found there when we returned.  I was so happy to give this special gift to my parents!  Of course when they found it, they loved it!

Since my parent’s passing, it is now a part of my family’s Christmas tradition.  That treasure brings memories of our family Christmases with my parents and the happy times that we spent together.

More importantly that nativity scene reminds me of that special baby who came to earth, born to earthly parents.  He was sent to accomplish God’s plan.  Through His life and ministry, that baby grew and taught each of us how to live.  He faced persecution, ridicule and an untimely death.  It was a death that He suffered to fulfill His Father’s plan of salvation for each of us.  Because of the cross we have been covered by the Blood of Jesus Christ.  Our sins are forgiven if we believe and accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior.  That is God’s gift given freely to us.  We just need to open our hands and hearts and say yes to accept that gift.  It is a personal choice that each of us needs to make.  This Christmas season your gift to God is your “yes” to follow His Son.  Make “room in your inn” and welcome Jesus into your heart.  Jesus said; “I am the way, the truth and the life.  No one comes to the Father except through me.”  John 14:6.

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